Mar. 16 2020

Supreme Court Orders all Previously Scheduled Terms of Court Through May 1, 2020 be Cancelled

On March 18, all Circuit Judges were ordered to return to their home circuits where they shall follow the directives regarding court hearings as outlined in the Trial Courts Coronavirus Memorandum dated March 16, 2020.

Unless otherwise ordered, only emergency hearings shall be held at the discretion of each Chief Judge for Administrative Purposes.

Until further ordered, all Circuit Court Judges shall only preside over emergency hearings in their home circuit beginning March 23, 2020 unless they receive an Order assigning them to hold court outside of their circuit.

All previously scheduled terms of court from March 23, 2020 through May 1, 2020 are hereby canceled.

The Order may be found here.

The response dated March 16 may be found here.

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