Nov. 11 2021

Meet Rusty Goudelock, MGC founding member and United States Army veteran.

“This photo was taken in June 1991 upon my return from deployment to Turkey and Northern Iraq. My oldest daughter, Chandler, was nine months old when I deployed and 15 months old when she greeted me upon my return. Even though it was over 30 years ago when this picture was taken, it still stirs strong emotions every time I see it. Coming home, both then and now, will always be special.”

Initially after graduating from The Citadel, Rusty became a military officer where he commanded soldiers in M60A3 and M1 Abrams tanks. He was on active and reserve components duty for a total of 14 years, including service overseas as a public affairs officer during Desert Storm. (CLM Voices, April 2017).

Rusty co-founded MGC in 1995 and has represented business interests in workers’ compensation and related employment matters exclusively for over 30 years. He is also a long-standing supporter of the USO South Carolina.