Mar. 17 2020

Supreme Court of Virginia Orders Non-Essential, Non-Emergency Court Proceedings to be Suspended Until April 26, 2020

On March 16, 2020, the Chief Justice, having received a request from the Governor pursuant to Va. Code § 17.1-330, entered an Order declaring a judicial emergency, recognizing the need to protect the health and safety of court employees, litigants, attorneys, judge, and the general public. After careful consideration and review, the Justices of this Court hereby unanimously order that the declaration of judicial emergency be in effect and continue beginning April 6 through April 26, 2020, for all district and circuit courts of the Commonwealth.

Except as provided in this order, the courts and clerks’ offices shall remain operational and provide services required by law while, at the same time, maintaining protections for the health and safety of court users and personnel. With the exception of matters enumerated herein, all applicable deadlines, time schedules and filing requirements, including any applicable statute of limitations which would otherwise run during the period this order is in effect, are hereby tolled and extended, pursuant to Va. Code § 17.1-330(D), for the duration of this Order.

All courts shall implement the following measures listed in the Order here during this extended period absent a specific exception as listed.

A copy of the original Order may be found here.

Appellate and local court information may be found here.

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