Mar. 31 2021

Born in Corona, California and raised in Oxford, Mississippi, Courtney Holloway joined MGC in 2012 after years in the retail and staffing industries – a blended role of human resources, management, operations, logistics and sales. Serving as MGC Greenville’s office manager up until 2018, she created a foundation for her current role as Manager of Attorney Recruitment, Retention and Diversity through understanding how Team MGC drives the success of the firm. “This is probably the optimist in me, but I want the world to be reflective of its people,” she says. “The more diverse a professional environment can be, the better – the ideas that come out of it, the more productive it is.” As a graduate of Ole Miss and Clemson University – where she received her MBA in 2016 – Courtney has lived and worked throughout the southeast, and now resides in Columbia with her husband and four children.

Courtney supports all diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts of the firm – whether it’s assisting from an administrative perspective with Belong @ MGC and WIN @ MGC projects, or ensuring that DEI is embedded in all aspects across MGC.

“My role truly is to keep it top of mind in all decisions that are made across the firm at any given moment in time related to processes and procedures,” she adds.

Courtney has also helped drive change in MGC’s recruiting efforts – putting processes into place to facilitate the recruitment of diverse candidates and ensuring that we provide inclusive opportunities for those who do join the firm. “I stand on the fact that once we get diverse attorneys into the firm, they have to be included,” she says. “That means many different things – a fair shot at client engagement, a fair shot at case management, having a voice and being heard, having affinity groups where you can connect with individuals like you. It also means mentorship where you may be mentored by someone different than you. The same thing goes for our staff, both legal and administrative, to ensure we’re recruiting diversely and maintaining and including our team.”

While MGC has made great strides in DEI progress over the past few years, Courtney is driven by her passion for this over-arching initiative and continues to look ahead at the work still at-hand. “I think that all of us, myself included, can work on being more open-minded and learning from people who are unlike us,” she adds. “It is sometimes uncomfortable but you have to get out of your comfort zone to better equip yourself to operate in a world that is a melting pot.”